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Kajaria Vitro

Kajaria Vitro, polished vitrified tiles ideal for use in both domestic and commercial application e.g. Schools, Hospitals, Residences, Restaurants, Airports, Supermarket and many more.
Kajaria Vitro Polished Vitrified Tiles collection, with new style, textures and new sensation, is ready to allure your hearts. These new styles and textures are the ultimate desire of your home. The trendsetting designs of this collection suit every requirement of your modern interior needs. Crafted with high quality standards, these tiles have incredible durability without any compromise with beauty.
Available in the following types:
• Special Plain
• Elegant Soluble Salt
• Salt & Pepper
• Double Charged
• Premium
• Super Premium
• Solitaire
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Kajaria World

Geology series comprise the best ever in Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles - PGVT in size of 80x80cm. This series is the similar to the italian marble with new styles and textures. The PGVT tiles are suitable for all types of use with the following advantages:
• 100 % Stain Proof
• Trend setting designs
• Maintenance Free
• Fire Resistant
• Scratch Resistant
• Wide Range of Innovative Designs
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Kajaria Eternity

Made from the hardest minerals known to mankind, Kajaria Eternity offers you timeless beauty. These files provide you fresh designs that charm living spaces, or even the corporate houses.
Known to be extremely ideal for places with high foot-falls like airports, shopping malls, multiplexes, business centres, hotels etc. This collection comes in a bouquet of finishes, namely Rustic, Wooden, stone, Malt and Satin.
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